An email from performance artist Chloe B, from the Bureau of Self Recognition:

A friend of mine told me about the protest in front of the Scottish parliament that was just one tent, constantly occupied by someone or another someone or a set of someones, for something like 10 years. So much less of an effort! So much less of a hazard! And totally, functionally symbolic.

I am hoping to see a way that we can unite Occupations by choosing to Occupy our own lives, our own homes. Yes, I can understand a movement that displays displacement through camp-outs in public places (or privately owned public, or parkland, or even office buildings, or squats, or or or), but it would be so much more interesting to say, “We are taking control of our own lives. We are sitting in our lives until we can make things better.”

How can we unite every house of Occupation throughout the country? What kind of bat signal is required for days that aren’t days of major (and beautiful) parading? How do we Occupy the everyday without creating additional hazard?

I will also admit that as much as I love process-as-product, I am exhausted by some of the conversations I’ve been hearing at working groups lately. Seems like the same thing over and over. A lot of talking just to talk. At least on walking days there’s a goal of something more than just to walk.

How do we venn diagram these approaches for a middle set of best practices?


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