Egyptian Major: ‘I saw people dying and the army gave the orders for us to stand and watch’

Photo: Huffington Post

Al Jazeera: Egypt live

Ahram: Revolutionary movements demand Baradei as PM

Photo: AFP/Odd Andersen

Marwan Bishara: Military vs People

HuffPo: American Tear Gas, Police loom, Egyptians turn against Army

Anthony Shadid: Reflection, as revolution pivots again

The day rather seemed a moment to reflect, as the most spectacular of all the Arab world’s revolts and revolutions pivoted again, this time toward elections, more planned protests in Tahrir Square and other milestones in a transition to truly civilian rule that even now does not seem assured.

Amrani: Who stands where version1 and version2

3Arabawy: Photos from Tahrir

Lindsey: Egypt’s Police fight for survival

Guardian: Middle East Live

Amor Eltrebi: Egyptians are back in business

Tahrir Square 2011-11-21 from arabist on Vimeo.

The people want the fall of the Field Marshall from arabist on Vimeo.

Isaandr: Reflections

Photo: Twitter/bighugelabs

Jyoti Rahman: Back to Tahrir


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