A storm is brewing at the Occupy LA encampment in downtown Los Angeles – and we are hearing about it all on Twitter.

Twitter feed: Occupy LA Raid Tonight?

Before our 12:01 AM eviction deadline came, people flooded the streets in solidarity, surrounding Solidarity Park, defending the OccupyLA camp site with peaceful non-violence while practicing our 1st amendment rights. At one point, the people created a human chain link around Solidarity park, in order to keep LAPD out. The night ultimately lead to a stand off with LAPD, which went well into the morning and lasted till sunrise. After a very tense situation, both the occupiers and police parted ways, to make way for Downtown LA rush hour traffic. OccupyLA files injunction: representatives of OccupyLA filed an injunction on Monday to stop police from carrying out eviction orders, citing civil rights violations of the First and Fourteenth amendments. A judgement is expected to take place as early as Wednesday.

Photo: HuffPo

Villaraigosa expressed pride that Los Angeles has lacked the tension, confrontation and violence seen at similar protests in other cities. But that peace was likely to get its biggest test on Monday.

Occupy Los Angeles Plans To Ignore City Deadline


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