Yet another midnight raid– this time on Los Angeles and Philadelphia. A nation willing to spend millions on evicting peaceful protesters from public spaces, but unwilling to do anything to end poverty and gangster capitalism.


One reason for the uneasy status quo was the leadership of the liberal Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who ordered the eviction but also no beatings, tear gas or police violence. Another was the leadership of the Los Angeles Police Department, eager to show a new approach after years of controversy.

Tom Hayden: Why Naomi Wolf’s Conspiracy Theory Can’t Explain Occupy LA
Below are excerpts from artist Dont Rhine (Ultra Red)’s facebook feed:

“Here the cops come lead by a little tiny lady cop. They’re carrying teargas guns or beanbag guns.”
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[They’re reciting the principles of organization inside the park using Mic Check. It’s very moving.]
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‎”Cops coming in with zip ties.”
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“The cops are going after the treefort. They hate it.”
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“Where do we go? We are home?”
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Protestor: “If you give me a hug I will leave right now.”
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Captain Morrison: “This is a large group. It’s going to take a long time to arrest you all. If you decide at any time you want to leave, I will facilitate that. If you are sick or elderly and need to leave, I will make sure you leave safely.”
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Captain Morrison: “We’re going to clear out the tent areas to make sure that it’s clear. Then we will come here to clear out this area.”
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‎”They’re moving the press out. They’ve threatened risk of injury to those who remain.”
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[Dispersal orders are being issued to people in the park and announcing “serious injury” to those who remain in the park.]
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“The cops are moving into formation in the park around the group of protestors.”
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“They’re telling the press to leave the park.”
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Walt Senterfitt Even the Fox TV anchor asked the reporter on the scene: “I heard the cop tell you that you would be arrested if you don’t leave. If you and the other reporters leave, who will be there to document what the police do to the people they re arresting?” Indeed.
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Walt Senterfitt A cop just told a reporter: “If you stay here, you must turn off your light”
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‎”There’s some officers in there without their name tags or badge numbers. They just came running in, commando military style and pushed people over with no announcement. They took our tents and threw them upside down. There’s a group in the center of the square who are peacefully protesting. They have isolated off the whole area so you can’t get in there.”
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“Who do you protect? Who do you serve?”
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“Can you hear what the cops just said?” “I can hear but I don’t understand.”
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“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is an unlawful assembly.”
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“FREEDOM! KTLA reports now changed back to 10 MINUTES TO LEAVE! Dropped back from 6 mins.”
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‎”Unlawful assembly has been declared.”
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“People in the park are chanting, we are the 99%.”
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“Some people are voluntarily leaving the park. They did allow people to leave.”
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“Do you see that crowd over there? See them pushing against the cops?” “No.” “Well, you will. And then we react.”
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‎”They have started arrest.”
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[Some are tweeting that the hazmat are actually sanitation. That makes sense. If you’re sanitation you would wear a white suit.]
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“What’s up with the white suits?”
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Marcus Kuiland-Nazario It’s after labor day!
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‎[A huge phalanx of has-mat cops in white outfits.]
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Brett Alton Bloom This is scary. Thanks for the updates. Stay strong out there and be safe!
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‎”They’re coming from behind. They’re fucking pushing people out of the way.”
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“They’re coming in hard and fast. Oh my god.”
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“I don’t see any children here. The children were asked to leave because of the possibility of violence. They packed up the kid camp.”
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“Crowd is being moved at 1st and Main. It’s getting intense there.”
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“All the grandmothers are here. They’re great-grandmas!”
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‎”2nd and san pedro is open!! protesters can get in!!! mic check them across the street1 minute ago”
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‎”No dispersal order has been given yet.”
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“We need people to come down here.”
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Walt Senterfitt then the speculation flashed around
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Walt Senterfitt the guys had “4ID” on their uniform shirts, OakFoSho asked :what does that mean?” …many people chimed in “4th Infantry Division,” and it suddenly became “it’s official” 🙂 LAPD SWAT is plenty enough
about an hour ago · Like

‎#occupyla: 11:20pm Inner Circle Vigil at Solidarity Park hold Vigil. Apx 1500-2000 OLA Occupiers present. ~pj
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“I have not heard a single warning. So if there has been a warning, I have not heard it.”
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Craig Hellion
the most effective way to affect change is to step outside the system and tear it down Dont Rhine and other comrades stay strong.
View Post · 2 hours ago ·

“I want to thank you for your peaceful service. I want you to remember that we can read your badge number should you choose to be violent.”
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“The different raids tonight isn’t a random thing. There was a meeting of the eighteen mayors and this wasn’t random.”
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Joshua Joy Kamensky ‎”If all politics is local… a good deal of the political repression is as well.”
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Scott Robbe Human mic. – All we are saying….Is give peace a chance…All we are saying is give peace a chance…
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‎”cops blocking people at broadway and 1st”
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‎”We are not hear to fight against the police department. We are here to fight against the City Hall and corruption.”
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‎”Did anyone ask him if they’re going to use chemical weapons?” “No.” “Hello, let’s ask the important questions.”
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‎”We are peaceful. We are peaceful. We are peaceful.”
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Amitis Motevalli ‎”decolonization is always a violent phenomenon”
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‎”We’re going to stay peaceful. It’s up to the LAPD how peaceful it’s going to be.”
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‎”The media pool is the cops’ idea of how they’re going to protect the media.”
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Scott Robbe Protect them from what! Police batons, guns and pepper spray. Beware the police riot.
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According to Captain Smith: “The directive has not yet been issued. When it is it will be very clear and everyone will know what they’re supposed to do.”
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‎”What’s your name.” “Freedom.” “What’s your last name?” “Just freedom.”
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‎”Peacekeepers are at each entrance of the south side, we need more bodies down here with them! Asap! Please! -KR”
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‎”Police advancing down Main St. Nearby church that is accepting people.”
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‎”Mayor Villarogosa is using the excuse of children to raid this camp.” “By why is he using force against the camp if he’s doing this for the kids?” “That shows how out of touch he is. He is not for the people. He is for the corporations.”
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‎”How did you hear that this was going down tonight?” “I got a text message from a friend from New York and I came down right away.”
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‎”Occupy the truth, forget the park!”
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‎”What is vague about, Get money out of politics?”
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