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Video & a note below from Rebecca.

Open Letter to the Occupy Movement:

This movement has the potential to evolve into something beautiful, something that takes into account the issues affecting all of us—not just the white, college educated members of the 99%.

If you try to hinder this growth because you claim it will destroy the movement, you will only be left behind while a more radical autonomous platform is built. The new platform will center the experiences of people of color, of women, of other groups that have been marginalized by a white majority.

We are not asking for permission to rename the movement anymore. The movement—the wave of empowerment that people are waking up to internationally—does not belong to you. It was around before the occupy movement and it will be around long after it leaves us. Resistance is only truly sustainable if it holds sacred the struggles of the most oppressed and we will call our movements, our resistance, our struggle, whatever we want.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this film and reflecting on what role you wish to play in making movements truly liberating.

In Solidarity,


2 thoughts on “Open Letter to The ‘Occupy’ Movement: The Decolonization Proposal

  1. The reason I sent this to you, khujeci, is because I think this discussion exemplifies the strength and exhaustion of POC organizers alongside the inability of other participants to stop and LISTEN to their POC peers.

    This also shows us how organizers of colour can productively disengage from participating in a hierarchy of oppressions – black and brown folks are standing in solidarity with indigenous peoples during the name change proposal at [Decolonize!] Oakland.

    Listen to the white man at the 5-minute mark opposing the name change by saying, “I want to occupy all the space that is due to me.” Perhaps he should listen to the young black brother who firmly stated, “I do not want to fly on the coattails of imperialism.”

  2. Thank you for sharing this video! It is incredibly powerful to see people of color and indigenous people taking a stand and saying that this movement is in dire need of revision. It is also disheartening to see that this proposal didn’t pass at the Oakland GA, but alas I am all to naive to the ignorance of others and the refusal of privileged peoples to forfeit spaces that they have acquired by nature of their existence and of the history of humankind.

    The language of oppression and the realities of marginalized peoples in this country should be at the forefront of “Occupy.”


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