Hack from Stimulator: "Time magazine retracts person of the year cover"

TIME magazine Person of the Year hacked by WilliamBanzai7

WilliamBanzai7's original design. He writes: "Once in a while I will toot my own horn.I did this on November 12 and look at who TIME chose on December 14. Nowhere in the TIME article is there a picture of the Fawkes mask."

Shepherd Fairey for TIME, but did he rip off Colonel Flick?

As in his big, corny paintings of Arab women wielding AK-47s, which claim an essential (and insupportable) superiority for maternal benevolence, it’s wince-inducing. On the cover of Time, the schmaltzy result trivializes the portentous power — and authentic potential — of the “Arab spring,” Occupy Wall Street and whatever might-or-might-not be breaking now in Russia. Questioning authority never looked more corporate and conventional.

Shepherd Fairey: wince-inducing designer dissident, Hello Kitty with pretensions

In this year’s report, Time pieced together what all these revolutions have in common, why they protest, and what the legacy of the year’s protests will be. The magazine profiles a citizen journalist who started the live stream for Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park, and aprotester in Mexico who has had enough of the drug violence in that country.

Washington Post: Time magazine

My Year on Revolution Road
Why they protest
Introduction and legacy
Media Messenger of Zuccotti Park
Why I protest in Mexico


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