It didn’t come as a surprise to those of us who have been complaining for years about the corporate slant of the New York Times‘s reporting that its account of the Occupy Movement has been dismissive and minimizing from the start.

Today’s “2011: The Year in Pictures” roundup is no different, though I was surprised to see novelist Colum McCann playing along. His text summarizing the history of Occupy Wall Street continues in the same tradition of misrepresentation the NYT has been practicing all fall: He sticks to the story that OWS is over (false) and that protesters’ disappearance from Zuccotti Park was spontaneous and connected with the weather: “When cold weather kicked in, the tents began to disappear and the anger diffused.” The tents most certainly did not “begin to disappear” at any point – they disappeared all at once when the New York Police Department cleared the park of protesters – using much violence – the night of Nov. 15. And anger at Wall Street and the government whose laws allow the financial industry to exercise so much political power in our country is as strong as ever. The work of the Occupy movement continues, even though Mayor Bloomberg and the NYT would like you to believe both the work and the movement over and done with.


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