This website is run by a feisty group of Occupy Wall Street activists and members of the The Other 98% who are tired of Big Money speaking louder than our voices and votes. We recognize that terrible policies are not just the result of shady politicians; they are bought and paid for by the Big Banks and other “too big to fail” corporations. The same ones we bailed out in 2008. The same ones who are throwing Americans out of their homes, auctioning off our climate and not paying their taxes while giving their CEO’s multi million dollar bonuses.

Matt Taibbi:

If you’re a progressive, Bank of America is the ultimate symbol of modern predatory capitalism. This company has knowingly sold hundreds of billions of worthless securities to unions and pension funds (New York state filed two different lawsuits against Bank of America and its subsidiaries on behalf of its pension fund, one of which was settled for $624 million) brazenly overcharged its depositors (it was forced to pay customers $410 million in restitution for bogus overdraft charges), and repeatedly lied to its shareholders (most notoriously, it lied about billions in losses on Merrill Lynch’s books before asking shareholders to approve its merger with the firm).


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