Damien Hirst isn’t an artist. His works may draw huge crowds when they go on show in a five-month-long blockbuster retrospective at Tate Modern next week. But they have no artistic content and are worthless as works of art. They are, therefore, worthless financially.

Julian Spalding: Damien Hirsts are the sub-prime of the art world

Then, when stories of your millions were all over the press, and it came out that those assistants were extremely poorly paid, it seemed less funny. Now, in Hirst’s current incarnation as house artist to the 1%, running some kind of Foxconn-style production line on his compound in Baja California, the cheeky chappie act has lost its last residue of charm.

Hari Kunzru: Damien Hirst and the great art market heist

Andrea Fraser: 1% Art


One thought on “Damien Hirst: House Artist to the 1%

  1. Fuck him. He comes to America, dines out and tips exactly $1. FUCK HIM!

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