Fetishes are wack and creepy and dehumanizing and, though they state in the song that “this ain’t no fetish…I reject your deconstruction of my taste”…I’m not buying it, especially not from someone who later croons “I’ve tried to taste the rainbow in my life.” …The song is called “Black Girls”. The boys from the group are White. I get it. It’s gonna be an ode to White guys who dig Black women. OOH YOU SO EDGY CHESTER FRENCH. Thank you for the love, I feel validated! This erases decades of Black feminine invisibility.

Chester French’s Awkward “Black Girls”

The video for “Black Girls” is just what many man crave: some good ol’ fashioned girl-on-girl action, which casts the white woman in the place of Chester French (who are absent from the video) and reduces the black woman to basically a sex toy.

Chester French Has a Thing for Black Girls, But Is the Feeling Mutual?

It seems like a ‘chocolate fantasy’ gone wrong. I know there is going to be backlash or at least some commentary about this video and white people are going to say “but there’s a black girl in the video – how is this racist?”Black women are ripe for objectification and for being the brunt of a joke. I am so tired of this. Also, apparently these guys are signed under Pharrell Williams Star Track label? Not that he has a track record of promoting black womanhood, but I was thinking o of how this video is the fantasy for white men – the lesbianism or at least the perceived sexual acts between women, and then how the white women is in control of the black women in relation to the perceived / suggested sexual act. It’s control and power, hearkening back to some awful sexualized / racialized stereotypes about black women’s sexuality and ownership of their bodies. A fetish, but not a romanticized body / relationship.

– Laina Dawes


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