A few months ago, when Occupy movements bloomed across Europe, the absence of any similar uprising in France appeared to be an anomaly in a country infamous for its people’s propensity to take the streets. One explanation was that the presidential election was just around the corner, and that after 10 years out of government, the Left was capable of channeling the French people’s indignation into electoral gains….

Tipping the balance of power and shifting the dominant economic ideology in the EU might not be enough to ensure more social justice. But the demise of the austerity agenda would be a welcome first step — and open a new window for resistance.

End of Austerity?

“If there are sacrifices to be made, and there will be, then it will be for the wealthiest to make them”
– Francoise Hollande


One thought on “Francois Hollande: an end to Austerity paradigm?

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