“There is also Wade Page himself, with his hate tattoos, photographs in front of swastikas, and his Southern Poverty Law Center dossier. Page so fits our stereotypes of white supremacists that, if he did not exist, it would have been necessary for Quentin Tarantino to invent him. Page appears to have hated blacks, Jews, Latinos, and probably everything else associated with modern multicultural America. Here is a figure whose malevolence should frighten all Americans, not just Sikhs, in the same way that Holmes should terrify all of us, not just those who watch movies at midnight.

Sadly, the media has ignored the universal elements of this story, distracted perhaps by the unfamiliar names and thick accents of the victims’ families.”

Naunihal Singh: Why Oak Creek Isn’t Being Treated as a Tragedy for All Americans

Sonny Singh: Soul Searching for Roots of White Supremacist Terror

Vijay Prashad: Michael Page Didn’t Choose Wrong Address

Al Jazeera: Vijay Prashad, Arsalan Iftikhar, Sonny Singh

When someone shoots our aunties and uncles

Hate Crimes Always Have A Logic

Eight Attacks in 11 Days

Langar Hall: Discussion happening within the Sikh community

After gurudwara shooting, another Sikh shot dead in US



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