Armed with no proof, it is unacceptable for Rosenfeld to discredit Richard’s integrity based on the unsubstantiated word of a deceased FBI agent and a document with redacted and vague information.  Many individuals and media outlets have immediately accepted the claims of an author who is aggressively promoting his book without properly examining the evidence for themselves.  Instead of automatically trusting questionable government sources and Rosenfeld’s sensationalist journalism, we must scrutinize what Rosenfeld states as fact.  We urge Richard’s former comrades, friends, associates, the 600 plus mourners who packed Wheeler Auditorium to attend his memorial service, and anyone concerned with government infiltration of social justice movements to get involved.
Mike Cheng & Ben Wang: Statement Regarding Allegations that Richard Aoki Was An FBI Informant

Lastly, what is to be gained by this accusation of Aoki as FBI informant, a day before Rosenfeld’s book hits the bookstores?.. this is simply the tip of an iceberg building to stave off the growth of radicalism generated by the Occupy, eco-socialist and anti-globalization movements both in the U.S. and across the planet.
Fred Ho refutes the claim that Richard Aoki was an FBI informant

My problem right now is that he sensationalized the story about Aoki, pushing it beyond what he can substantiate and has not presented his story in the most upfront and ethical way. He’s working for himself and is not a movement person. Again that doesn’t mean he’s wrong or should be completely ignored–it means we need to look at this critically. And also people need to see that his interpretation (assuming for now that his facts are correct–something not guaranteed when dealing with FBI sources) is linked to a white liberal narrative of the 1960s that at least in part wants to blame violent activists of color (even if in this case they are steered by the FBI) for the demise of liberalism and the rise of neoconservativism.
Scott Kurashige: First and Very Partial Read of Seth Rosenfeld’s “Subversives”


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