march front banner
From OWS: As of noon eastern, the March on the RNC has begun. The corporate media won’t report on it, so follow and find livestreams on Twitter: #resistRNC #marchontheRNC #OccupyTheRNC #frnc and @OccupyTampaThe protest will continue throughout the week. Nonviolent direct action marches will take place every day at 10 am as an alternative to the official “event zone” declared by the city and police. If you are in Tampa and need legal assistance, the number for the NLG is 813-241-0101, or find them online: http://tampa.nlg.org. You can also donate to the Occupy Tampa bail fund here.


Food Not Bombs and Get Equal

a group of people stands in front of a house covered in signs: stop foreclosures etc. a woman of color speaks through a megaphone
Activists including the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, organizers of the Romneyville encampment in Tampa, stopping a foreclosure on Saturday


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