50,000 Chicago teachers in the streets!  Solidarity rallies every day at 125 S. Clark starting at 6 AM and at 3:30 PM! Be there!<br /><br /><br />
From Chicago Jobs with Justice

‎50,000 Chicago teachers in the streets! Solidarity rallies every day at 125 S. Clark starting at 6 AM and at 3:30 PM!

Strike for America

Rahm Emanuel picked this fight with teachers – Chicago Sun-Times
Some Chicago Public Schools custodians may strike
What do we want?! Contract! When do we want it?! Now! We will not rest! Teachers Know Best! Whose Schools?! Our Schools!!

Monday, September 10 at 3:30pm in CDT at Chicago Public Schools

Unions are Striking Back, at Last

My contribution to the NY Times section, “Room for Debate” is now online!

Don’t miss Pauline Lipman’s piece as well:


Lipman sums up education “reform”:

“These are not education policies, but rather business policies applied to schools with business goals: promoting top-down management, weakening unions, shifting the purpose of education to labor force preparation, and opening up the $2 trillion dollar global education sector to the market.”

And I also recommend the contribution from Carol Burris:


Burris writes:

“Although I may not always agree with the positions that teacher unions take, I do believe that unions are important and needed. They stand up for issues like class size and safe schools. They allow teachers to speak up, without fear, about conditions that affect students, educators and parents. By doing so, they provide an important balance in educational debates.”

My piece is here: (and pasted below)


The so-called education reform movement decided long ago that change could come only through confrontation. Teachers figured that out when the secretary of education, Arne Duncan, called Hurricane Katrina “the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans”; seven years later the teachers union is washed away and the public schools are mostly charter-ized. They figured that out when the White House celebrated the firing of the entire teaching staff in Central Falls, R.I., because of students’ low test scores. And it became clearer to them when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York published teachers’ names alongside standardized test results of their students.


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