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Opening this November, The Base will be a storefront in Bushwick, Brooklyn for the proliferation of free resources. You will see within its walls: organizing, resources for free living, skillsharing and workshops, a library and local research. Fostered by the needs and ideas of it’s users, participants are invited to lead their own projects, request skills and aid, and locate the tools they need for the struggles they are engaged in.

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Autonomous Organization is an art practice that fuses social structures, community organizing, and creative economies. Drawing on these burgeoning practices, we knit together multiple strategies to establish social and economic connections based on mutual sustainability. Previously, Khalil Robinson established a legal program for undocumented workers, English classes for undocumnted immigrants, and a ‘Know Your Rights’ seminar at the 5 Towns Community Center. He is currently a co-partner of collectively run photo/video studio, Running Rebel Studios. Elysa Lozano (RISD ’00) has commissioned proposals for utopic colonies in a high-rise in Houston, conducted research on how project spaces are able to sustain themselves, and developed pragmatic models for horizontal economies. She is currently programming DIY workshops and organizing free classes.



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