As these sorts of jobs increasingly dominate our workforce, we’ll be forced more and more to ask not just how many jobs the economy is adding, but what kind of jobs. If Walmart and its ilk supply most of them, families will have little money to rely on, few benefits and chaotic work schedules. All eyes should be on this historic strike and what gains Walmart’s workers are able to make in negotiating higher pay and better benefits.

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Dozens Of LA Workers Walk Off The Job In First-Ever 

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California Walmart Store Workers Go Out on Historic Strike 

From Suzanna: Really important strike starting at Walmart stores – they are actually walking out – the second walk out / strike this week – and these two are FIRST TIME in Walmart history! Sending out my support to Our Walmart (http://forrespect.org/) and Warehouse Workers United (http://www.warehouseworkersunited.org/) – check out their great video interviews with Walmart warehouse workers on their site.


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