Our celebration of the implosion of the Republican Party’s strategy of white male vote bloc is well and good, but do not for a moment imagine that they are done.

The Republicans started working on the strategy for 2016 and beyond, the morning after election day.

Nothing is more dangerous than a cornered fighter. Remember that Reagan rolled into office as a counter-attack to the perception of all the “gains” for black, latino, gay, and female population. He roared in like a tidal wave and wiped out many of the gains, and the next 16 years were spent mounting a counter-attack on the Reagan legacy.

The fact that racist sheriff Joe Arpaio was declared victor in Arizona even in the face of the most united, motivated latino opposition (and with 500,000 uncounted votes which has moved off the media radar), shows that demographics alone cannot bring success.

Old privileges will fight back and they will play even dirtier next time. The fact that Benghazi, and Obama’s “Hussein” middle name were not used more ferociously by the Romney team shows that some element of decency (or more likely caution) prevailed in the end. The lesson the Republicans will learn is next time no holds barred.

The Koch Brothers have deep pockets and Islamophobia, white panic, fear of immigration, are all still a potent weapon. They are not one-term spenders. They will keep spending. And while we celebrate, they will already start mapping out their strategy and planting infrastructure.

Most importantly, do not drink the kool-aid as to why Obama won. People claim a tectonic shift in demographics, but nothing is permanent. It would only take a little bit of maneuvering to bring block the non-white vote, or split it in million different, ineffective pieces.

Celebrate this moment, but do not for a second let down your guard or think that any battle is won.


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