In the morning of Sunday, July 28, the arrest was announced of some of the refugees who have been protesting for their rights for over half a year. Immediately, organized supporters protested. Starting Sunday, there were several attempts to prevent the planned inhumane deportations of refugees to Pakistan. The police took action against the peaceful protesters in full gear and with violence. They were dragged, pushed against the wall, and personally insulted.

The political context is clear: [Center-right Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) Minister of the Interior Johanna] Mikl-Leitner wants to buy a few votes from the [far-right] FPÖ with the blood of the refugees. The [socialist] SPÖ is also part of this brutal government. Deportations to Pakistan end up in a country for which the Foreign Ministry has issued a travel warning. It’s too dangerous for Austrians to visit, but it’s not a problem for Mikl-Leitner & Co to send refugees there, for example, ones who have been persecuted by the Taliban. With this brutal step, whose way had been paved by a number of falsehoods, the government is trying to divert attention from its policy of social devastation. The only certainty now is that the lawyers and the representatives of the refugees are given inaccurate information or none at all.

At least three of the eight prisoners have been deported. It may be that a battle has been lost. One that has caused many casualties, because the future of the refugees is unknown. There’s blood on the hands of Mikl-Leitner and the entire federal government. But the fight against the terror of the inhumane asylum policy in Austria is not over yet. The protests continue, in Vienna and probably in the coming days throughout Austria.

This evening’s march goes from the Rossauerlände police station to the Ministry of the Interior.

The demonstration has been registered with the police.

Please come, as many people as possible, and spread the word!

No human being is illegal!

(This is a translation from https://www.facebook.com/events/429403040505733/)


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